Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feast Day of St. Martha, loved by Jesus

by Steve Ray on July 29, 2008

Martha is often give the short shrift. She lived with her brother Lazarus and her sister Mary in Bethany where Jesus lived when he was in the Jerusalem area. She worked hard, cared for people but criticized by Jesus, or so it seems.

Click on the picture of Bethany for a larger image. It is much bigger now than in Jesus’ day. Today it is an Arab town called El-Aziriye, after Lazarus. It was the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha.

The other picture is of me coming out of Lazarus’ Tomb. We will be visiting this tomb in June and November 2009. Click on image for a larger picture.

This demonstrates again that the Bible is historical and accurate. The places mentioned in the Gospels still exist. On our pilgrimages we visit, touch and pray at these sites. You can be proud to be a Catholic and confident in the Bible and the teaching of the Church!

To see these sites on DVD, get our Jesus, the Word Became Flesh where we visit Bethany and the Tomb of Lazarus.