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by Steve Ray on July 22, 2008

It is a busy week! Today I will be on Relevant Radio’s Searching the Word at 1 PM Eastern to discuss “Verses I Never Saw as a Protestant” dealing with the Papacy.

During the show a man named Griffin called in to object to my use of Isaiah 22 saying something like: “If this is a prefiguration of the Papacy, then the peg mentioned in Isaiah 22:22-25 is proof that the Pope would ‘fall’ or be fallible” — something very close to this. I know because I used to propose this as well. However, his is very sloppy reasoning and even sloppier biblical exegesis. Here is my article “Peter and the Papacy and the Peg of Isaiah 22.”

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jody buchanan July 25, 2008 at 11:03 PM

Great document on Is 22! You have a quote from the Jerome Bible Commentary. I was given that commentary by a priest twelve years ago. I’ve begun to use it again in my own studies. I’ve read a few negative comments on the web about it. What is your overall opinion on this particular commentary and some of the controversies around Brown? Would you recommend the Navarre Bible? God bless you and your ministry!

jody buchanan

kentuckyliz August 19, 2008 at 9:46 AM

Jody, I use the New Jerome commentary (as well as Ignatius and Navarre and other sources). There’s some good stuff in there, so use it and go searching for those gold nuggets.

The articles on Canonicity and Inspiration and Paul’s Soteriology were very good–recent reads for me.

Renee Hitt September 11, 2008 at 10:04 PM

Hi Steve,

I caught a replay of your segment on Searching the Word this evening on my way home from work. Interesting enough I have been “approached” by this particular passage from Isaiah since I read it in church a couple of weeks ago when I was the scheduled lector. Later in the day I was working through Jeff Cavin’s Great Adventure Bible series and was referred to the same passage.

I thought it was interesting that the same passage that I struggled with the pronounciation of the names would show up again.

I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Lay Minstry Program at Cardinal Stritch University here in MIlwaukee. This semester I am enrolled in Old Testament Studies. While completing the first assigned reading, there the passage is again!

Our paper for the semester is to take a passage from the Old Testament to research and write on. You can rightly imagine that I feel called to research this particular passage!

Then, today, as I am driving home late from work, your show with Chuck is being aired and this particular passage is brought up again!

What message to you think is being sent to me?

May I refer to your blog in my paper?


Renee Hitt

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