Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Samuel Tarcisius Ray is my two year old grandson. This is him quoting Scripture and it is so cute.

My son also wrote on his blog “I was reading an article by a Francisian Friar and decided to share the following line with the kids “The devil always breaks the toys he plays with”. Before I could attempt to explain it Samuel laughs and says “I don’t want him in our house”.


Searching the Word

by Steve Ray on July 22, 2008

It is a busy week! Today I will be on Relevant Radio’s Searching the Word at 1 PM Eastern to discuss “Verses I Never Saw as a Protestant” dealing with the Papacy.

During the show a man named Griffin called in to object to my use of Isaiah 22 saying something like: “If this is a prefiguration of the Papacy, then the peg mentioned in Isaiah 22:22-25 is proof that the Pope would ‘fall’ or be fallible” — something very close to this. I know because I used to propose this as well. However, his is very sloppy reasoning and even sloppier biblical exegesis. Here is my article “Peter and the Papacy and the Peg of Isaiah 22.”