by Steve Ray on July 13, 2008

WARNING: This will probably NOT be of interest to anyone but my family. I wanted all of them to see these videos but did not know how to load them here without everyone seeing them. You are all welcome to watch if you wish. I wrote a blog about why I took my parents to McHenry Illinois here in case you are interested.

Part II

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Milroy Wickramasinghe October 4, 2008 at 5:06 AM

That was a nice piece of work you have done. Congratulations!
Your Mom and her sister must have really enjoyed the reunion.

My Father too will be 89 in a week from today (11th Oct.). We too had a family reunion for his 88th B’day last year on 15th Dec 2007. His only surviving brother, three from my mother’s family (my own Mother passed away in year 2000) and most of their children and grand children, all together nearly 110 participated. That was a great occation.

Sadly that was also the last function my beloved wife participated. Two weeks later she had a cardiac arrest, hospitalised and recovered. Again a second attack on 10th Feb. That time though she recovered after four five days her kidnies and liver started failing. She was put on the machine. She passed away on the 22nd Feb ’08 around 5am.

Please offer a small prayer for her.

I felt like writing all these details since I thought you would not mind. This happens to be my first ever response to blog. Please forgive if I have offended you.

Milroy Wickramasinghe from Sri Lanka

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