Free Stuff on St. Paul

by Steve Ray on June 25, 2008

Free Stuff for Year of St. Paul


First, when did Paul write Romans, and where was he in 54 AD? How long was he in Ephesus and when did he go to Spain?

Get ready for the Year of St. Paul with this FREE one-page handy-dandy St. Paul Timeline. Impress your friends with how much you know!

Second, Papers.jpgPaul wrote 13 letters contained in the New Testament. Do you know them all and what they are about? Now you can with simple, easy-to-read explanations of each letter.

I wrote them in a fun way so you can "get inside" of them and understand. Impress your friends again! Click here for writings on the Bible. Enjoy!

PaulDVD.jpgThird, not free though — but well worth the $25. Strap on your sandals and sail the seas with Paul through five countries. The ultimate fun and detailed documentary filmed on location with host Steve Ray. 

Prepare for Paul's year with this 90-minute detailed introduction. It is entitled Paul, Contending for the Faith. It comes with a very thorough Study Guide. I also have several talks on St. Paul which you can see here.

 Guide. I also have several talks on St. Paul which you can see here.

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