Catechist Comments on DVDs

by Steve Ray on June 10, 2008

Thank you, I just received my order. I viewed some of the DVDs and want to say Bravo! They are extraordinary. I teach our Catholic Faith to third graders, and work with a Catholics come home ministry. I am so excited to incorporate your work into the curriculum this fall. God Bless you and your good work.

Charlene, Catechist
St. Joseph Marello Parish


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Ileana Mendez July 16, 2008 at 9:11 PM

Dear Steve, thank you for your work. I can not wait for the series to begin. Steve my reason for writing to you is to share with you a pain in my heart. I am a nurse and take care of a child whose parents are hispanics from Honduras and Guatemala. While I was in their house they tried to influence my believes with a tape make of priests and the Catholic church that they use to convert the poor, ignorant and indigenous people of Central America. As you know central america used to be mostly Catholic and now Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are becoming in great numbers protestant. I believe it is because people do not know their own faith or church. If I could send you a copy of this tape where you see priest with children, stealling from the poor, sending people to kill other people you would be insulted just like I was. I would love to have a way to evangelize those indians and humble people so dear to my heart. I would appreciate your opinion. Ileana Mendez

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