How Proud We Are!

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2008

Obi-Wan.jpgOne of our long-time board members has just been ordained to the priesthood!

Geoff Horton (aka. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi) is now Fr. Horton. Several board members were in attendance at his ordination on Saturday and at his first Mass on Sunday. One of our Defenders of the Catholic Faith (DCF) Board member youth was an altarboy! You can go here to see pictures and descriptions. There are many, many pictures. 

Signum Crusis (Siggy) who has been my Discussion Forum Administrator for many years said; "I can't put into words how proud I am." Of course Siggy feels like a proud mom! I am proud of both Fr. Obi-Wan (opps, I mean Fr. Horton) and Siggy too!

I, Steve Ray, proudly congratulate Fr. Horton — and I am extremely proud that he has been such a stalwart, orthodox and faithful member of this Board for so many years. Bravo!

If you go here you can see the announcement and the hundreds of messages. Go to page 5 and beyond to begin seeing lots of pictures. Please send him your congratulations! Our Message Board is at

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