Great Commentaries on the Old Testament

by Steve Ray on May 17, 2008

JPSGenesis.jpgWhen I started studying the Bible seriously I realized that utilizing Jewish commentaries could be very helpful. Studying Christian commentaries on the OT was helpful because they understood the whole picture and how Christ should be read "back into" the OT. But the Jewish commentaries, though they do not acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, do have marvelous insights and understanding of their own Hebrew Bible.

I am writing the 400+ plus page Bible Study on Genesis for with well over 10,000 members in 40 countries and growing. I am using our exclusive Logos Bible Study Software for Catholics (link to our site at along with many good commentaries including about eight different volumes by Jewish authors. Some of them were written almost 1,000 years ago.

If you like studying the OT I would highly recommend the JPS Jewish Commentary series. If you click here you will see the volume on Genesis written by Nahum M. Sarna on From this link you can also see all the other volumes in the series. Click here to see the electronic version from Logos which you can buy from us cheaper than from Logos. I first discovered this JPS series in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem and have been blessed ever since.

Thes electronic version of these commentaries in the JPS series will work seamlessly in our Logos Bible Software for Catholics. Contact me at if you have any questions. I highly recommend these commentaries.  

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Diane McDermott March 17, 2009 at 2:21 AM

Dear Steve —

Thank you! I have just ordered the Jewish commentary on Genesis from After reading Raymond Brown’s New Testament commentary and “101 Questions & Answers on the Bible”, I am more than ever hungry to learn Scripture in light of modern research. Since moving to the “sunbelt” and suddenly finding myself in the midst of fundamentalists (whom I greatly love and admire, even while disagreeing with their literalist interpretations of Scripture), I have renewed my desire to learn more about just what constitutes the “inspiration” of the Bible.


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