Friday, May 16, 2008

Darla & her Three Teenagers

by Steve Ray on May 16, 2008

Darla's Kind Words & Three Teenagers 

What makes our pilgrimages different? This letter made my day!


Denied Communion over Obama?

by Steve Ray on May 16, 2008

Ed Peter's the Canon Lawyer has an interesting article today. I agree with him. I think it is unconscionable for a Catholic to even consider a vote for Obama. This man will turn the clock back a hundred years in the direction of the Culture of Death. Because he is young, "handsome," inexperienced, idealistic and well-spoken people think of him as the Messiah. Anyway . . .

Was Prof Douglas Kmiec really denied Communion?
He certainly says he was, by a chaplain irate over Kmiec's endorsement of Obama for president. Now I am as nonplused as the next guy about Kmiec's backing of the unborn's worst enemy … and I was quietly hoping that Kmiec would remain an anomalous singularity. That hope was dashed, however, when Nicholas Cafardi, a prominent lay canonist … lent his name to Obama's Catholic advisor list. Good grief. Oh well, they don't move me: I'd rather watch televised soccer than cast a vote for either Obama or Clinton.

But to deny Kmiec holy Communion for his actions to date?

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