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by Steve Ray on May 8, 2008

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Questions answered Thursday evening by Steve on Catholic Answers Live:

1 – Is it OK to wear the Rosary around my neck (it keeps breaking in my pocket)?

2 – Evolution: is it OK for Catholics to believe in some aspects of evolution? What must we believe and not believe?

3 – When I pray the Rosary for more than one person at a time, am I diluting the grace or does God answer them all equally?

4 – What can I read to learn why the Reformation happened? (I recommended Belloc's book "How the Reformation Happened." Two other books are Roots of the Reformation, by Karl Adam and Spirit and Forms of Protestantism, Louis Bouyer (though it covers far more than just the causes). Also check out the scholarly volumes of Warren Carroll.)

5 – My daughter's godparents have abandoned her and denied the faith. Can I get her new godparents?

6 – I've heard you talk about Peter and the big rock in Israel. Can you tell me more about the rock and cave in your talk?

7 – Six year old Mary asked, "Why do we sin?" (Wow, was she cute and sincere about the faith!)

8 – I have a two year old and I love her dearly; how can I relate this to my life and how can I understand and love God more?

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Shane May 9, 2008 at 1:54 AM

Hey thanks; this sort of list is really helpful and great!

PhilVaz May 10, 2008 at 2:35 AM

Great show as usual, but oops, you blew it on the creation-evolution question. In my opinion. The distinction is not macro vs. micro evolution since there are plenty of Catholic scientists who accept macroevolution and do no damage to their faith. Macro simply means large changes, i.e. from invertebrates to vertebrates to fish to amphibians (tetrapods) to reptiles to birds and mammals, and us, etc. There’s really no problem with that kind of evolution, and it doesn’t say anything about God. Neither does microevolution (small changes or variation within species).

Macroevolution (large changes above the species level) is also defined as “common descent” meaning that that all life on earth is connected by universal common ancestors through descent by modification. The ITC 2004 statement “Communion and Stewardship” signed by Cardinal Ratzinger (now our Pope) called macroevolution “virtually certain” from a scientific standpoint.

The paragraphs you want to look at are 62-70, particularly 63 for age of earth and macroevolution / common descent, and 68-69 on how God’s providence works through natural causes. This is not a problem according to these theologians / scientists who drafted this document.

The distinction you want is theistic vs.atheistic evolution, or perhaps better teleological vs. dysteleological evolution. An article by evangelical biologist Denis Lamoureux helped me, “Charles Darwin and Intelligent Design” :

There is also Cardinal Schonborn’s new book on the topic Chance or Purpose (Ignatius, 2007) and he has no problems with macroevolution, he says we are all eventually “star stuff” and we should not be insulted or demeaned by this.

All Catholics interested in this topic should also get the papers from Pope Benedict XVI’s 2005 “student circle” being published this month also by Ignatius Press: Creation and Evolution: A Conference with Pope Benedict XVI (Ignatius, 2008).

Phil P

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