More Video Responses to an Anti-Catholic

by Steve Ray on May 4, 2008

Several months ago I was criticized for my comments about St. Ignatius of Antioch during an appearance on Catholic Answers Live. The criticism was pathetic and I didn't even waste my time responding, just like I don't respond to a lot of nonsense that hits my Inbox.

However, a few friends responded a while ago here and here. But now Catholic apologist Benjamin Douglass has uploaded and posted his response You will find his text and his videos to be helpful and instructive.

Ben's first GodTube video is on the anti-catholics view of predestination, followed by the lack of charity in apologetics, and lastly about St. Ignatius' view of the Eucharist. I happen to be mentioned in some of these and I appreciate Ben's excellent clarification and defense. You can find the links here along with the text and — check out Ben's website while you're there.

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Brent May 12, 2008 at 12:28 PM

What’s EXTREMELY interesting is James White won’t talk to Ben Douglass when Ben calls up the Dividing Line. Ben has tried, but they have roadblocked him from getting on the air.

…no comments allowed, no phone calls allowed. Is James White scared of Ben Douglass? Most likely.

J.R. DePrisco May 17, 2008 at 11:47 AM

I read some of Benjamin Douglas’s article on Predestination and James White with dismay. He seems to be caught on the horns of a false dilemma that St. Augustin exploded in his work, “On Grace and Free Will” in 427 A.D. Douglas seems to think that if it depends even at all on man’s free will assent to Faith, then he could boast. This is a non-sequitur. Augustin easily proved that if man can do nothing without Christ (His grace) then boasting is excluded. But doing something WITH something else’s assistance does not mean that the assisted action is not real nor required. The fact that the assisted action is incapable BY ITSELF is what precludes boasting. But the assisted action is just as necessary as thr assistance. In fact the Catholic definition of Faith includes this principle as it uses the principle of assent. Assent is not assent if it is not a free will action. If Mr. Douglas has not already read Augustin’s “On Grace and Free Will” I recommend someone suggest that he do so.

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