Saturday, April 26, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence

by Steve Ray on April 26, 2008

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed
A mini-review by Stan Williams, PhD
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It's important.

I've been writing and debating some of these issues for 40 years. Stein does a good job of trying to simply open up the debate with those that control the teaching of science in schools.


The metaphors Stein employs at the film's beginning, which parallel the Nazi worldview with the current "big science" worldview in the U.S., seem to be over the top and Stein's dry humor comes off as dark. But the stakes are high, and he soon shows how Darwinians, whether they understand it or not, are promoting a Marxist-Nazi worldview of humanity, and one that Margaret Sanger embraced in her bid to rid the U.S. of "weeds" through birthcontrol and abortion.

The ad copy in the graphic says "Stand Up for ACADEMIC FREEDOM" but what he really means is "Stand Up for the Dignity of ALL human beings" … something that neo-Darwinians do not embrace.

It is important that you go to the movie theaters, BUY tickets, and vote for this film. It's box office success will raise the salience of the debate FOR LIFE in our culture. Do not wait for it to come out on DVD. Go now.

The rating is PG for some disturbing images of the last World War, and some of the vile hatred for religion that comes out of the mouths of some of the scientists Stein interviews. Be ready to confront atheism in its radical, vile form.

Ben Stein, a Jew, is to be congratulated for pulling this off. Only he could.

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