Saturday, March 15, 2008

Evangelicals Return to Catholic Traditions

by Steve Ray on March 15, 2008

Fundamentlists and Evangelicals are rightfully feeling adrift. Protestantism is blowing itself apart (even though many of the little factions think THEY are in the right). Splitting, fragmenting, and drifting. Many feel like lost souls looking for a real home. They have been shopping for a church like they've been searching for a restaurant — one that satisfies their palates — "Meet my needs" and "feed me" have  become mantras.

Those of us who were on the same quest and have found the answer offer an invitation — we Catholics invite them to come home.

In a recent article published by the Washington Post, it is apparent that Protestants are beginning to feel the strain of their wandering from the Church Jesus founded. They are beginning to yearn for their roots and are returning back to the Bible, the early Church and to Catholic tradition.

This increasing connection with Christianity's classical traditions [read: Catholic roots] goes beyond Lent. Some evangelical churches offer confession and weekly communion. They distribute ashes on Ash Wednesday and light Advent calendars at Christmastime. Others have formed monastic communities, such as Casa Chirilagua in Alexandria, modeled on the monasteries that arose in Christianity's early years.

For the whole Washington Post article, click here. I for one welcome this interest in ancient tradition and welcome those who have strayed to return to the ancient Church. Join the thousands who are returning to the Catholic Church, the Church of the martyrs, the confessors, and the Fathers of the Church.