Friday, March 7, 2008

Cool New Bitmap Art

by Steve Ray on March 7, 2008



Steve on “Searching the Word” Today

by Steve Ray on March 7, 2008

Steve will join Chuck Neff live on Searching the Word Friday at 1 PM Eastern time to discuss "Pilgrimages: What They Are & Why Catholics Should Take Them."

For more information or to listen over the internet, click here. To learn more about Steve's Pilgrimages to biblical lands, visit To contact our Catholic Travel agent, call 800-727-1999 or write

What's So Special About Holy Ground?   and    Are the Holy Sites Authentic?

WANT TO TAKE A VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE — TO ISRAEL, ROME, JORDAN AND EVEN EGYPT? Click here for Steve's Video Pilgrimages on YouTube!


James McGrail sent me his interesting and compelling story detailing his return to the Catholic Church of his youth. Seems a lot of people are doing this lately

James' story is detailed and creatively written — even talking about nuns in his school that he thought all went to "the same Gestapo School." I think you will enjoy it and may want to pass it on to friends and family. Enjoy!

Click here to read the story.