Saturday, February 23, 2008

From Jerusalem: Jesus, the Jews & the Christian Faith

by Steve Ray on February 23, 2008

Jew.jpgOne can't walk the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem — like I'm doing this week — and not wonder what in the world God has done and is doing with the Jews. Did he abandon them after they as a nation rejected his Messiah? Do his promises to Abraham still stand for the ethnic children of Abraham as well as for the spiritual children of Abraham through faith?

I wrote on this a while back entitled Jews & the Existence of God, and now Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press has written an insightful article on the matter too — entitled The Pope, the Prayers and the Jews. Having been here in Jerusalem so often I have grown to have an even greater respect for Abraham and his children through Isaac the son of promise. It is fertile ground for contemplation and meditation.

By the way, Mark Brumley and Roy Schoeman (Jewish convert) will be speakers at our upcoming Holy Land Pilgrimage in November 2008. Join us for a thrilling trip that will emphasize the Jewish background and importance to the Catholic faith. We will have many talks and discussions about Israel, the Jews, the Messiah and the Catholic Church.

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