The Great Luther Quote Debate

by Steve Ray on February 14, 2008

LuthersHandwriting.jpgSeveral months ago I was accused of using a quote from Luther out of context and for shock value. It was stated that I, and many other modern Catholic apologists who used this particular Luther quote, did not do our homework. There was a assumption that Catholics can't and don't do serious research on these matters.

Well, the proving this accusation false, research continues — mainly by my good friends and fellow apologists Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer. The amount of work they have done so far goes a long way toward vindicating our use of the quote — and more research is still being done which is bearing excellent fruit. The context of this quote certainly does not belong to our detractors and the quote has been used over and over again by Lutherans, Doctors of the Church, Anglicans and many others over the last 500 years.

Anyway, the amount of amazing work Dave Armstrong has done is quite incredible. Click here to see part 1, part 2 and part 3. The research continues.

My original response to the charge of incompetence with the quote is found here (posted last year) but Lord willing I will be revising it after the research and data is all collected. I will also remove some of the more polemical language. Anyway, thanks to Dave and Paul for all their continued hard work on this project. God bless them both.

To the right is an example of one of Martin Luther's manuscripts in his own hand, a passage from "Dass diese Worte Christi, 'das ist mein Lieb,' &c. noch feststehen", [one of the primary texts we are considering; dated 1527] from the Royal Library at Copenhagen. No wonder some of his quotes might have gotten jumbled at times :-)

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