Monday, February 11, 2008

Miracle Baby & Miserable Flights

by Steve Ray on February 11, 2008

Over the weekend I flew out to Wichita Kansas to speak at a conference to support KAHS Catholic Radio. Dr. Marcelino d'Abrosio was also there. I spoke three times and it was a great group of fired up folks.

The plane flight there and back was a nightmare. From Detroit to Memphis was fine, but then halfway to Wichita we noticed the plane wasn't gaining altitude and that we were banking in a big turn. The pilot came on the loudspeaker: "Ladies and gentlemen we are experiencing mechanical problems. The wing flaps are not functioning. We are returning to Memphis where they have longer runways because we have to land without the flaps — it will be a faster landing than usual. We will have ambulances and firetrucks on the runway, but don't panic — this is just procedure, a precaution."

I asked the flight attendant "Is it alright if I call my wife and tell her it has been nice knowing her?" We landed OK at 9 PM and waited two hours for another plane. We finally arrived in Wichita around 1 AM. I had to speak early the next morning.

IsaacHathawaySm.jpgThis beautiful family in the picture (their two older children are not here since they were spending the day with grandma) have a miracle baby. Isaac was the one who took care of me while I was at the conference. He picked me up at 1:00 AM, drove me around, helped with my book table and everything else. He was wonderful! Thanks for everything Isaac!

Isaac married Melanie when he was a Baptist and she was a Catholic. They have both posted their stories on my website — Melanie here, and Isaac here. These stories are fun to read because you see a conversion process from two very different perspectives: her's from a Catholic marrying an anti-Catholic Baptist, and Isaac's from an fundamentalist Baptist marrying a Catholic. Well, now did that all work out? Read the stories and find out Surprised

After the first two children he decided to have a vasectomy. But, after converting to the Catholic Church he went to the premier doctor for a reversal. A couple of months later, this little fellow named Dominic Raymond was born. You can watch them carry this little guy around and see the great joy he brings them. He was a happy baby and kept looking over at me and smiling. He was their miracle, arriving after a vasectomy and a reversal.

Isaac is now attending the Catholic University to get his degree in theology so he can serve the Church. What a nice family!

The flight home was almost as bad. From Wichita to Minneapolis was fine until we landed. There was no ground crew to park our plane so we sat in a horrible snow storm for an hour and while I watched the minutes click away I knew I was going to miss my 9:00 PM flight to Detroit. And yup, I was right — I missed my flight. Fortunately there was a later flight out at 10:15 but due to weather that flight left one hour late and I finally got home after 3:00 AM.

With one day to catch our breath today we are off to Israel to lead Fr. Michael Monette and his parishes through the Holy Land and Jordan. I will be uploading videos each night. We will also be creating videos for EWTN. They want to start showing the talks I give at the various holy sites. This should be interesting. Keep us in your prayers.