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by Steve Ray on January 28, 2008

Who should you vote for? What do the candidates really stand for? How can I figure out which one is closest to my values? Well now there is a Candidate Calculator which will score them all for you. Click here and have some fun. Be sure to also check out the Catholic Answers' Voters Guide for Serious Catholics.

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joe January 31, 2008 at 11:53 PM

I think many of you will appreciate this web link.

This Moral Conservative Candidate for President should be included in the survey.

Your comments welcomed, your support for Alan Keyes for President much needed and appreciated.
peace and all good,

Nicholas Jagneaux February 3, 2008 at 11:35 PM

Thanks for the link, Joe.

I am lucky enough to teach American and World History at a public high school. I love when the political season comes around; it allows me to really discuss the candidates and the issues they support. I make it clear to my students that I support Keyes.

As I teach in a high school with a student population that is 80% black, it goes with the territory that I have to cut through the clutter of pre-conceived loyalties toward a couple of the other candidates. The black students that I teach – if they have a political opinion at all – automatically lean toward the Democrats (and this year toward Obama).

It should be refreshing for people to know that once the issues really start being discussed, the students generally lose their enthusiasm for the liberal candidates, specifically because of the left’s pro-abort stance. Alan Keyes was an eye-opener to my students. They had never heard of him – I guess that BET isn’t featuring any of his speeches in primetime.

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