Two Hours on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on January 14, 2008

Catholic Answers Live

First Hour: Apostolic Fathers
Second Hour: Open Line Q & A

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1)  How should we take the advice of the Church Fathers? What about the ones who left the Faith?
2)  Did any of the Apostolic Fathers comment specifically on the Eucharist?
3)  How did St. Jerome influence the early Church? Did he reject the Deutero-canonical books in the Bible?
4)  How did the Apostolic Father influence me in my conversion to the Catholic Church, especially regarding the Eucharist?
5)  Did the Church Fathers believe in the Immaculate Conception?
6)  What do we know about the ProtoEvangelium of James? Can we trust it?
7)  Is the directive in Scripture about coverings cultural or morally required for all times?
8)  How should we understand Mary's role in in Jesus' mission?
9)  How do we know that the words of the Church Fathers have not been corrupted or changed? How was the Passover changed into the Lord's Supper?
10)  What are Indulgences and how do diminish temporal sins?
11)  Is it safe to go to the Holy Land? Ann comments on her pilgrimage with Steve
12)  Is it OK to add water from the Jordan River into the baptismal font at church?
13)  What do the New Testament words "brothers" and "cousin" mean? How should we understand them related to Elizabeth and the brothers of Jesus?
14)  Can Roman Catholics be Free Masons?
15)  Was Ismael the father of Muslims and is Allah the same God Christians worship?
16)  Was Mary the host at Cana and what was in the water jars? What was Mary's role?
17)  Did the sin in Eden cause physical as well as spiritual death?

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Tom in San Francisco January 16, 2008 at 7:31 PM

James White is up to his tricks, as usual, bashing you on his site. I suggest you review his video and post a reply.

STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for the head's up. Others can reply if they wish. I just ignore White since he is a waste of time and makes one feel the need for a shower any time you get too close. I chuckle at his infatuation with me — he sure takes me more seriously than I take him. He has become obsessed! I must be doing something right to have earned such venom and attention. I appreciate the interest he generates in my site. Like some people say, no publicity is bad publicity.

By the way if anyone wants to find out more about this topic, with more than just a lot of quotes usually taken out of their contextual and historical context, check out the new book by Gary Michuta entitled "Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger."

Ronald King January 23, 2008 at 12:14 PM

Dear Steve, I wanted to comment on your statement about Eve tying the knot of sin at the tree of life during the catholic answers show on Monday 1-14-08. I have been focusing on this subject since I returned to our faith three years ago after being away for 40 years. I have 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and have been deeply interested in attachment and the existential crises human beings face during the formation of our identities. I have also been extremely interested in the awareness that God has influenced me to contemplate about the creation of women as God’s gift of love to this world. As I look at all of scripture and in our Catholic catechism I see a tendency to continue to blame Eve for the fall. This historical interpretation seems to be the remnants of Adam’s sin against God and Eve. This blame aimed at women seems to be the source of their suffering which begins very early in their lives when they first experience the loss of a sense of self when they are not identified or validated as loving beings whose purpose and desire is to create a loving community with the gifts they have been given. Instead, they must go into hiding and adjust to the violent world that men have created. This invalidation of who they are creates fear and isolation that is used by evil to prevent the purity of their love from being expressed. This is the basic idea of a much more complex picture. As men, we contribute to their suffering and unknowingly assist evil by not looking deeper into our lack of understanding. As a consequence we remain on the continuum in which women experience our lack of understanding on one end and murder on the other end. For this to be clear it needs to be discussed in depth. You can contact me if you wish. God Bless You and Your Magnificent Work. Ron

shae February 7, 2008 at 4:05 PM

Hey steve, great show on catholic answers. I looked at the timeline, and was surprised to see how close Clement lived to Jesus. and the apostles, and thought immediately, about how he is a real source for us catholics to take to protestants with so many of our teachings and dogmas. I also thought at that moment, that his existence probably scares a bunch of protestants, and wondered if they are trying to discredit him. So myself being a wikipedia addict, went and checked it out, and there was some real disconcerting stuff written about him, citing some rather spurious sources. One of them stated that the list of popes is catholic propaganda. ………well I altered the page….. Anyway that wikipedia article could use some work by someone in who knows more than this dumb ole architect does.



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