Friday, December 14, 2007

A Father and Grandfather becomes a Father!

by Steve Ray on December 14, 2007

SpencerSm.jpgToday Janet and I had the priviledge and honor of watching our friend Bill Spencer ordained as a Catholic priest. He is a father and a grandfather — his son and daughters and grandchildren were there to celebrate this event with their dad and grandfather. After Bill's faithful wife Peg died of cancer, Bill decided to spend the remainder of his days serving our Lord as a priest in the Catholic Church.

Bill approached his bishop who turned him down because Bill was over 70 years old. He then approached Bishop Carlson of Saginaw Michigan who said, "Impossible!" BUT, the next day Bishop Carlson was praying and the Lord said, "Why should I send you men if you don't accept the men I send?"

 The rest is history. Enjoy this short video. Pray for vocations! God bless you Fr. Bill!

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Critics of My Books

by Steve Ray on December 14, 2007

I was made aware of two critical comments on my book Upon this Rock. I generally tend to defend my works if I have time. I have briefly addressed each for anyone interested.

UponThisRock sm.jpgThe comments were made by Michael Whelton in his book Popes and Patriarchs. He was an Anglican turned Catholic, who was then disallusioned by the liturgical and doctrinal disorders within the Church and thus turned to Eastern Orthodoxy. My wife and I came very close to becoming Orthodox ourselves before finally embracing Catholicism.

I responded to his comments on St. John Chrysostom here, and his criticism of my use of St. Basil here. I've scanned an excellent chapter from The Eastern Churches and the Papacy by S. Herbert Scott to provide a more complete context for the history and beliefs of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil — Part 1 is mostly on Basil; part 2 mostly on Chrysostom.

My responses will remain permanently on my Resources page along with other Reviews & Critiques of my books.

For a thorough review of Michael Whelton's flawed book "Popes and Patriarchs," visit Jim Likoudis' website (click on yellow box below). Also, this Greek Orthodox convert to the Catholic Church has a lot of other helpful information and books on the topics related to the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Catholic Church. For a quick and interesting free article on Whelton's book from Likoudis, click here.


Also, after the dust settles, I intend to revise my response to James Swan about the Luther quote he is researching–when I have time. I will post my edited response in the near future. I am actually grateful for his research. My original response can be read here. In my revised response I intend to thank him for his research since we all want to be accurate and thorough. 

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Teresa Tomeo Interviews Dr. Francis Beckwith

by Steve Ray on December 14, 2007

Teresa Tomeo of Ave Maria Radio, EWTN Radio and Sirius Satellite — has recorded an interview with Dr. Francis Bechwith on his conversion to the Catholic Church. Beckwith resigned as President of the Evangelical Theological Society when he converted. 

You can learn more about Dr. Beckwith and his conversion by reading my past blogs here and here and here.

The interview will be aired on Thursday, December 27 at 9 AM Eastern time. Be sure to listen!  Click here to listen over the internet and here to visit Teresa's site for more info.