Teddy Bear Theology

by Steve Ray on December 10, 2007

Be careful if you ever do anything as nefarious and egregious as name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Zenit has an excellent article on the Fate of Christians in Islamic Countries. Read the excellent article on Zenit here. I suggest we are all in for trouble if the Islamic wave continues.

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Max Meise December 10, 2007 at 11:38 PM

Just found this website after listening to Marcus. We are in our seventies and are recent converts (2005), We love our church but it is large (1500 families) and has a large school so most of the parishioners are in 20-40 year range. It is difficult to find people to socialize with and share our faith. How do we get on the website or blog to share with others?

STEVE RAY HERE: Welcome to the Catholic Church. We are glad to have you! First, I expect there are a lot of folks your age in the parish you attend since it is a large parish. I would ask the pastor or someone in-the-know if there are any social groups or Bible studies for your age group. Second, if not, start your own Bible Study maybe using http://www.CatholicScriptureStudy.com. Or you can check their website and see if there is already a good Catholic Bible Study group in your area.

Next, your best bet for "cyber-fellowship" and communication with other Catholics on-line would be my Message Board with 3,000 good folks from around the world — many of them Catholics too. You can join at http://forums.catholicconvert.com.  If you have any problem with the free and simple registration, write to me at sray@rc.net for assistance.

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