Great Christmas Present! Logos Bible Software for Catholics!

by Steve Ray on December 10, 2007

ChristmasTree1.jpgBible Study Software for Catholics

We have the exclusive rights to sell Logos' new BIBLE STUDY SOFTWARE FOR CATHOLICS. You can only buy it at Steve's website 

This software is POWERFUL! Included — the Catholic New American Bible and the Revised Standard Version-Catholic edition.

Test Drive.jpgWe are also excited to have the 38-volume Early Church Fathers-Catholic edition and the Oxford University Dictionary of the Christian Church along with Peter Williamson's Vatican published Catholic Interpretation of Scripture.

Logos is the Cadillac of Bible Study Software. It is powerful, fast and easy-to-use. It's Greek and Hebrew language tools are unprecedented allowing anyone to access the original languages with the click of a mouse button.

You can only buy it at Steve's website 

BibleTheologyBanner.gifView the incredible list of Bible, books and resources included, click here.
To "Test Drive" Logos Bible Software, click

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Jeff Miller December 10, 2007 at 10:44 AM

Logos is great software which I bought last year at your store after your appearance on Catholic Answers talking about it. Though some of the commentaries that came we the version I bought make me laugh at times.

In some of the older Protestant commentaries whenever you come to a scripture passage that has overtones that fit the Catholic understanding they go out of their way to deny the plain text. Plus seeing the words Papist or Romanist used also make me laugh.

Regardless though the commentaries are mostly solid and it is great to be able to get such a wide range of commentaries in such easy to use software.

STEVE RAY HERE: Glad you are enjoying Logos for Catholics. This program is powerful in it's ability to search and do Greek and Hebrew studies. It does have a few old Protestant texts, but mostly it is a marvelous program with maps, charts, the Church Fathers, Dictionaries, Outlines, and much more. I have it running on my computer all day long. I've been using it since 1988 with it's first version.

I worked with Logos to provide as many Catholic texts as they had available and the searchable books and resources are incredible. The cost of them all in book form is $6,000. Plus, Logos has a great number of other books, journals, reference material, etc. that can be added to the Logos library.

susie melkus January 4, 2008 at 8:15 AM

Hi Steve,
I posted this link above on another post about Catholic/Prostestant bibles, but not sure if I submitted it or clicked send…? Anyway, I hope this works and that others will find this. My friend, Russ Rentler (he and his wife, Deborah were on the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi on Dec. 10 2007) made this humorous video and I thought you’d enjoy it. Happy New Year to you and yours and may God’s abundant blessings fill your year.


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