Immaculate Conception – Day of Obligation

by Steve Ray on December 8, 2007

Mary Immaculate Conception.jpgMake sure to get to Mass today! For a nice and simple explanation of the Immaculate Conception, visit Jimmy Akin's blog here.

I am in Lake Charles Louisiana this weekend for a conference. I am speaking on "From Baptist to Catholic," "Mary, Real Girl & Woman of Mystery," and "Defending the Eucharist."

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Angelo (Ange) Palumbo December 8, 2007 at 11:43 AM

Steve- I have a comment about Mary from your article on “Mary the Ark of the New Covenant”. Great article by the way! Could it be that the setim or acacia wood (an incorruptible wood) that the Ark was built out of represents Mary being saved from the decay of original sin, and the gold lining a sign of her purity, the perfect vessel to bring our Lord into this world?

STEVE RAY HERE: I think this has merit. I am away from home in Louisiana and will respond more later wheI get home..

Pam Forrester December 9, 2007 at 12:07 AM

You may not know the answer but does the feast of the Immaculate Conception become NOT a Holy Day of Obligation b/c it is on a Saturday? We usually have 7 Sunday masses but we only had one mass today for the Feast. The parish office said it was not obligatory.

Angelo Palumbo December 9, 2007 at 1:14 PM

Steve-To correctly understand the Immaculate Conception one should begin in the book of Genesis, it is there that the mystery begins to unfold. Woman was taken out of man and became Adam’s bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Eve was that woman and she was immaculately conceived (created) from the mind of God. Eve was a virgin that conceived through natural sexual relations and experienced the birth pangs caused by original sin giving life to the human race. Eve’s disobedience opened the door from life unto death for the human race. Jesus the second Adam was taken out of a woman who was also immaculately conceived. Mary a type of Eve was also a Virgin and gave birth to the second Adam without the birth pangs of original sin. Mary’s yes opened the door of death unto life for the human race through the second Adam. Mary gave him her bone of her bone and flesh of her flesh giving Jesus His humanity. Mary had to be immaculately conceived or she would have given a sinful flesh to Jesus who was True man and True God. Jesus had a fully Human nature and a Devine nature, yet was without sin. This has to include the original sin of the flesh Otherwise Jesus was half sinless and half sinful. How could a sinful human nature abide with his Devine nature? The Immaculate Conception is more implicitly then explicitly defined in Sacred Scripture. Likewise the words Original Sin do not appear in Scripture but non Catholics use that term to define our fallen nature. It’s interesting that they use the term Original Sin that was introduced by a Catholic Bishop by the name of St. Augustine. Is my thinking flawed in some way? How come Non Catholics find this so difficult to accept?

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