Sunday, December 2, 2007

Evangelicals on Politics & Abortion

by Steve Ray on December 2, 2007

From the Evangelical Protestant Christianity Today Magazine, December 2007


Why will Hillary probably be our next president? Two facts: 1) the Republican Party is being perceived as mired down with Iraq and other problems, and 2) there are no inspiring pro-life Republican candidates to inspire the religious right!

Unfortunately, I am fearful that the Republicans will NOT inspire the religious right to donate, campaign or to get out the vote. This is why I am STILL afraid that Hillary will be our next president, like I predicted 6 months ago. If the Christians — including both Evangelicals and Catholics — are not motivated to fight, I fear we will lose to Hillary by default.

I pray that I am wrong. We should all pray that the Republicans can pick an outstanding candidate and that the religious right will rise up strong to do the right thing. But looking at the statistics for the current Evangelical young people in the chart above (only 2:1 Republican today compared to 4:1 in 2005) it does not look promising. And what current candidate can really inspire the orthodox Catholic vote — Giuliani?

Christians better begin to pray hard and work hard.


Chilling Words from Founder of the Weather Channel

by Steve Ray on December 2, 2007

WeatherChannel.jpgThe founder of the Weather Channel says we are being duped by the media and the elite into thinking we are all going to melt away with global warming. He is remarkable cool, as Jimmy Akin says, toward the idea of man-made global warming.

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