Friday, November 30, 2007

Encyclical on Hope – Spe Salvi

by Steve Ray on November 30, 2007 says "It's not a quick read. This is heavy material, and the document spans 76 pages. But Pope Benedict has a real gift for putting profound ideas into simple sentences. You won't have trouble following his exposition. But it will take time, because you'll want to stop and think, again and again. This is rich, beautiful material. Make it a weekend read. Don't miss it!"

Read the full text of the Pope's new encyclical. For several good reviews, see Jimmy Akin's blog here.


Merry Toss-mas

by Steve Ray on November 30, 2007

Every gotten sick of retailers removing Christmas and making it a generic "holiday"?? I for one am offended by their condescending political correctness and their removing Christ from Christmas — actually removing Christmas from our vocabulary.

Ironically, even "holiday" comes from the phrase "holy day" — which is also a very Catholic term with a Catholic history!!

I suggest you watch this clever video and send it on to your favorite offending retailers.

Here is Merry Toss-mas!