Myth & Danger of Interfaith Bible Studies

by Steve Ray on November 24, 2007


Neff.jpgSteve will be discussing THE MYTH AND DANGER OF INTERFAITH BIBLE STUDIES with Chuck Neff on Relevant Radio's "Searching the Word" at 1 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, November 28. You can listen on-line here.

For more on this topic from past interviews, click here and for my article on this topic, click here.

For an excellent Catholic Bible Study for groups visit Steve wrote this year's study on Acts of the Apostles. CSS now has over 10,000 members in 40 countries.

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Terry Fenwick November 25, 2007 at 12:40 PM

Dear Steve,

As a former protestant, who loved the Lord, knew the word, served as a Teaching Director for Community Bible Study, having had every great job there, as well in Leadership in Bible Study Fellowship, I can tell Catholic’s they will find great confusion and possibly ‘fall away’ (as many do) from the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, if they attend protestant studies. Unless they really know their faith – and so many do not. God love these people in these protestant studies, they do really love the Lord, but they do not believe we are the one True Church and frankly, they never let us share what we really believe.

I can remember being ‘pleased’ when a Catholic left her faith to join the protestants – I was not alone. We meant well – but we truly are ignorant – as in not informed – of the truth of the Catholic Church. We do believe Catholics worship Mary, they worship idols, they believe you are saved by works – etc., all those things that are so untrue. I count it such a blessing, poured out grace, that my husband and I finally became Catholics – but not until our 70s. He, too, was a Bible Teacher and loved the Lord. He was a leader in the protestant church all of his life. He had such deep faith. We were both sound in our protestant faith – totally – but it was the greatest day in or lives when we attended a Mass and experienced Worship and found Truth – with a capital T. He went home in 2006 but the few years before, as we worshiped as Catholics, were the happiest in our lives. We used to say, “We found the Golden Ticket!”

Kelly S. January 27, 2008 at 12:47 PM

All’s I can say is, AMEN!!!! You are sooooooo right, Steve and Terry!

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