Moving Letter from a Martyr to his Girlfriend

by Steve Ray on November 19, 2007

bartolomeblanco.jpg"Your memory will remain with me to the grave and, as long as the slightest throb stirs my heart, it will beat for love of you. . . . 

"Though in my final days, God is my light and what I long for, this does not mean that the recollection of the one dearest to me will not accompany me until the hour of my death. . . ."

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Gina November 25, 2007 at 4:58 AM

What a beautiful letter. It is just like Fr. Corapi said, “if you truly love someone, you want their salvation of soul.” What a gallant and Christ filled young man this Martyr was. His place in Heaven i’m sure is very high. Viva Cristo Rey!

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