Sunday, November 11, 2007

We’re Off to Israel!

by Steve Ray on November 11, 2007

Northwest.jpgUPDATE TUESDAY VERY AM — 4:30 AM!  We just arrived at our favorite hotel in our favorite city in the world — the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem. Again, it is safe, quiet, friendly, and amazing!

We leave today. 75 Catholic Scripture Study scholars will be joining us on Thursday. I will be checking in regularly. I will upload Virtual pilgrimage videos each night, monitor the Comments on this blog, and stay in touch.

Because of spam my Blog is set to "Monitor" — which means I have to approve Comments before they appear. So don't be surprised if your Comments don't appear instantly. I will check in very regularly.


Fearce Rabbit.jpgMy son Jesse just got a new Apple computer and is having way too much fun with it.

This is very cute — my granddaughter Maria Faustina reading Beatrix Potter's "The Fearce Bad Rabbit." Click here.


For the article I mentioned:
"What God Sees in the Morning When He Opens His Eyes"

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Questions Steve Answered on Catholic Answers Live.
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Eucharist2.jpgWhich “body” of Christ is transubstantiated — his earthly body or his resurrected body?

I am a Lutheran considering the Catholic Church. What are the differences in beliefs on the Eucharist between Catholic and Lutherans?

Do you think there is abuse among extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist?

Does the Catholic Church consider the Eucharist of the Eastern Orthodox churches as valid even though they don’t accept the dogmatic teaching on Transubstantiation? What about Anglicans? 

Do you think that some of the people walked away from Jesus in John 6 (“Eat My Flesh and drink My Blood”) because they perceived a covenantal aspect of Jesus’ talk, or that they thought Jesus was claiming to be God?

Is the Eucharist only mentioned in the Gospels, or is it talked about elsewhere in the Bible? 

I am a Baptist musician who plays piano in my Baptist Church. However, I am coming close to joining the Catholic Church and don’t know if I should take part in the Baptist Communion service. What do you suggest?

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