The Golden Compass — an Anti-religious Movie?

by Steve Ray on November 8, 2007

I have received several e-mails warning me not to see the new fantasy movie entitled The Golden Compass — or allow my kids to see it. I have been told that it is done with an extreme bias against religion, especially Catholicism and the Christian faith.

Is this true? Snopes says YES and explains.

Also, read What Every Parent Should Know About "The Golden Compass" an Interview With Pete Vere and Sandra Miesel on Zenit here. Steve Wood also has good material for parents about his movie here.

Should we spend our money to support such movies? Should we let our kids see this kind of stuff without at least some critical evalutions and discussions? That is up to you, but at least we should be informed.

Jimmy Akin on the intent and dishonesty of the author Pullman. Click here.

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Eusebius November 8, 2007 at 1:43 PM

The “GOLDEN COMPASS” is from a series of books written by an avowed, and rabid, atheist. Not too much wrong with that, really. JK Rowling is an atheist but a good author and I consider her works to be non-objectionable. I know I may be in a minority here, though, with that opinion.
However, The Golden Compass books does declare that there is a certain organization that seeks to sap the souls of children. In the movie, the group is called “THE MAGISTERIUM” in the book it is called “THE CATHOLIC CHURCH”.
So, if you expect your kids to have any love for their Church after reading the books, fat chance. We suck souls, doncha know?
Now, how an atheist would consider a child having a soul to be a plot point is confusing to me.
All said, this movie should go the way of “Eragon” and others that show up and disappear.

Ggoose November 8, 2007 at 3:27 PM

I thought JK Rowling was Anglican? This sparked a good series of emails between my wife and an agnostic that was in a homeschooling group we are part of (even though we are not homeschooling this year) … My wife had to explain why a group called “The Magisterium” being the bad guy was offensive to Catholics. This allowed my wife to explain what Magisterium meant …

annie November 12, 2007 at 3:53 AM

thats the beauty f god – even in sucky and bad situations, he will allow good to come out of it… lets take this as a opportunity to spread the precise and loving truth of our church… as archbishop fulton sheen said ‘the catholic faith is like a lion in the cage, all you need to do is open the cage’ this movie could be the key that is opening the cage…
or as john martinoni says ‘be offensive without being offensive’

Chrissi December 12, 2007 at 9:23 AM

JKR belongs to Church Of Scotland, which has strong Calvinist roots and therefore is heresy! She said she believes in Free Will, but nobody besides the “Gryffindors” can be “heroes”, because only the Gryffindors are “set apart”.
Pullman is indeed an Atheist. He hates everything about Christianity.

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