Q & A on Acts of Apostles

by Steve Ray on October 31, 2007

CSSActs180x600.jpgThere are roughly 10,000 Catholics studying the Catholic Scripture Study class on Acts of the Apostles which I wrote for the organization. I am writing the study on Genesis for the class starting in 2008.

There is a feature on the CSS website called Ask the Author where students ask questions about Acts as they are studying it. I have been answering these questions and you can read them on the CSS website only if you are a registered student. But you can also see the Q & A on my website at www.CatholicConvert.com > Resources > CSS Acts Q & A.

I would highly recommend that Catholics join up with CSS and study with a group near you. You can locate groups here. I hope there is a day when CSS is in every parish. If there are no groups in your area, then find out how you can easily start one here.

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