Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Honored by these words from Rod Bennett

by Steve Ray on October 31, 2007

Rod Bennett is the author of the most excellent book on four of the Apostolic Fathers. It is entitled Four Witnesses: the Early Church in Her Own Words published by Ignatius Press. I highly recommend this book–we used it extensively for research on our project. Rod was a consultant on our documentary Apostolic Fathers, Handing on the Faith and even came to assist us when shooting footage at the Parthenon in Nashville Tennessee.

Rod's book has become a best-seller and many people have come to understand the origins of the Catholic Church and have converted due to his fine work. So, it is with great pleasure that I received his comments this morning. He wrote:

Hi Steve, Recently finished watching my copy of "Apostolic Fathers" and was delighted.  What a great job!  Congrats to all involved.  I'm honored to have been some small part.

Rod Bennett
Author of Four Witnesses


Q & A on Acts of Apostles

by Steve Ray on October 31, 2007

CSSActs180x600.jpgThere are roughly 10,000 Catholics studying the Catholic Scripture Study class on Acts of the Apostles which I wrote for the organization. I am writing the study on Genesis for the class starting in 2008.

There is a feature on the CSS website called Ask the Author where students ask questions about Acts as they are studying it. I have been answering these questions and you can read them on the CSS website only if you are a registered student. But you can also see the Q & A on my website at > Resources > CSS Acts Q & A.

I would highly recommend that Catholics join up with CSS and study with a group near you. You can locate groups here. I hope there is a day when CSS is in every parish. If there are no groups in your area, then find out how you can easily start one here.