John Paul II seen in the Fire?

by Steve Ray on October 23, 2007


Someone claimed they saw John Paul II silhouetted in a bonfire in Poland. Vatican Radio unhappily covered the story. Check out the story on Jimmy Akin's blog.

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Steve October 24, 2007 at 5:55 AM

It's easily accomplished with Photoshop or any number of other digital rendering programs. One cannot believe anything they hear and be skeptical of all pictures that are submitted by charlitans with mischeif and/or evil in their hearts and souls and who thrive on playing their evil games! They are merely pawns of Satan trying to exploit, play with and even shatter your religous convictions whenever possible. One day it is they who shall burn in the lake of fire for an eternity for their misdeeds and be certain they won't find any amusement in what they've reaped! Behold the work of misguided fools!

Steve Ray here: Frankly, I think the picture of the fire and the seriousness with which some people have taken it is goofy, but I think this comment above is way over reacting. But I have approved it for the sake of interest. The whole thing is probably very innocent if not misguided, but goofy and not worthy of the Vatican Radio's coverage.

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