Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pilgrims Board the Plane for Home

by Steve Ray on October 18, 2007

Delta.jpgJanet and I said farewell and "Next Year in Jerusalem" as our 27 pilgrims boarded the bus for the Fumicino Airport for the long flight home. They were all exhilerated, hugging, and sad to leave.

It was drizzling a little but no one minded because the weather was excellent for this whole trip. You will see your family and friends soon — a bit tired but very built up in their faith and joyously Catholic.

RomeGroupSm1.jpgJanet and I have several appointments today but plan to get all the videos updated on the blog before the pilgrims arrive home and before we leave for home tomorrow morning.

(Click on group picture for larger image.)

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We had a great time at dinner and I asked several people:

 "What did you think of Rome and the Pilgrimage?"

Here is Part I:

And here is Part II:


After our farewell dinner, we returned to the hotel and everyone packed and prepared for their departure at 7:30 AM the next morning.