Use GodTube instead of YouTube

by Steve Ray on October 11, 2007

GodTube.jpgOne of the problems I've had using YouTube is that it has a lot of garbage on it. I hesitate to refer people to a video there since other things often pop up which we don't want or need to see.

But I am now going to try out GodTube for my video uploads. Check it out and consider using it instead too! You can see it at (Update: I have had trouble getting this to work for the Virtual Pilgrimage and had to fall back on YouTube, but I will try again in a day or two.

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Ort Michaux October 11, 2007 at 12:21 PM


I recommend that you continue to use YouTube as well. You can grab the attention of wandering people and give them something to think about. There are people out there that are asking questions and you can provide if not the answer then the direction.

I find you to be educational and thought provoking.

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