“Price of all the divisions among Christians today is high. Too high.”

by Steve Ray on August 26, 2007

Archeo-Apologists.jpgHere is an interesting review of a new book published by Smithsonian Institute — which is neither Catholic nor Protestant, Muslim nor Jewish. I just ordered a rush copy of the book.

Enjoy this article as a preface to my upcoming response to the charge that all of us Catholic apologists are liars and deceivers who are naughty because we say the number of Protestant denominations is very high — and that the huge numbers of competing, sheep-stealing denominations is damaging the integrity of the Christian faith in the world today.

A certain antagonist, who remains unnamed, says Catholic apologists are naughty and ought to apologize for saying there are 33,000 denominations. He stated in a recent blog that statistics state the number of denominations are actually only about 9,000 which apparently is a an acceptable number to him.

Duhh, as if the staggering number of "only" 9,000 makes the scandalous escalation of fragmentation acceptable in God's eyes. So, it's OK to have "only" 9,000 competing, sheep-stealing, chaotic denominations who disagree on just about everything and disregard the expressed desire of Jesus the we be one, like He and the Father are one "perfected in unity."

Of course, now if we apologists use the number 9,000 all is well with the world and Christendom (and our Antagonist :-)  If we reduce our number down a bit — say, down to 9,000 — it will all be OK in God's eyes. God will sleep better tonight knowing it is only 9,000.

How many more than "one body, one church" is too many? Ask Our Lord!

I just read this review in the National Catholic Register. It tells of a new book entitled In the Beginning: Bibles before the Year 1000.  I just rushed an order for this new book. Enjoy the review.

I will be posting my latest response to his hysteria (or posturing) soon. But I'm still amazed at how obsessed this man has become with me. He won't talk to me over lunch but has not trouble talking at me over the internet. And, by the way, I'm still basking in my 15 minutes of fame which has been extended now to 15 days. Ain't I lucky?  :-)  More soon. 

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theresa cloutier August 26, 2007 at 9:11 AM

Hello steve.

I have been following this thread with you and Mr. Antagonist this last couple of weeks. I went to his website this morning and the little bit i did read was not a very good example of christian behavior. But what caught my eye was a paragrah he wrote about His sister Mrs. Patty Bonds.

I understand thru the the "Journey Home Program" resources, that she bacame a Catholic within the last few years. Mr. Antagonist states on his website he has had no contact with his sister except thru an email or 2. I am no Dr. Phil, but it would almost seem to me that he is "expressing his displeasure" (resentment, hurt etc etc) by taking it out on you! (Catholic)

Anyone can see this is a bully tactic on his part. To further drive this point home I saw a picture of himself, Mr. Antagonist standing between two men friends who use their brawn (discribes their weight lifting abilities) to help moderate the the debate's/discussions on his web page. Keep up the good work, and I pray that God keeps you and your wife safe in all your travels.

Theresa in Canada

Steve Ray here: You are certainly right about Mr. Antagonist. He acts like a bully and everything is about HIM and he HAS to be right even when he is wrong. He acts in a very arrogant manner but he has to in order to keep up his macho "defending the gospel" image as though he is the Rambo for God — the only one whoi is really defending the Lord according to the Bible (according to him).

He has treated his sister Patty in a wretched manner though she is a delightful and brilliant and very spiritual woman whom whom we've become dear friends with. He treats her this way because he has to "defend the gospel." I would NEVER waste my time responding to him if it were not helpful to many others who enjoy seeing a Protestant be constantly in the "angry mode." People have converted to the Catholic Church after reading his angry blog. He is actually on our side in an ironic kind of way.

Thanks for your efforts, dear heart! August 6, 2008 at 8:47 AM

Dear Ray, could you please advise me on how to maintain a civil relationship with my ex catholic daughter who married a mormon and is now a submissive mollymormon…she has four young boys and my house looks too much like a catholic church and the children aren’t allowd to spend the night or visit by themselves, ouch!!!

I was always told I have to be the the “good guy” and offer my pain and disappointment up for coversion, change of heart and redemptive suffering…

OK..most the time I am part of these efforts…but, can somebody tell my heart?

Please answer me sy my provided email address…I listen to your very excellent advice on Catholic Radio, but, only catch you when I’m driving somewhere in the car…

Please remember me and email me if you can find time and let’s pray for each other…

Much Love,
Phyllis Giardini

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