Thursday, August 2, 2007

What Good Can a Protestant Convert Do?

by Steve Ray on August 2, 2007

Someone wrote to me last week;

Thanks for replying to my comment.  A question for you.  You said to us, and I've heard you say it to others, that the Catholic church "needs" people like us.  By that I assume the people "like us" would be committed Protestant converts, much like your family was. 

My question is, Why?  I feel like we have been floundering and flailing for years now, trying to "get it right" and—at least for us—the "sola scriptura" experiment has failed.  If anything I would say that the people like us need the Catholic Church, rather than the other way around.  What can Protestants who have 1500 years to catch up on have to offer the Church?  I look forward to your thoughts, and I think other people would be interested, too. 

I responded:

What I meant by "the Church needing people like you" is this. People like you (and me) have been out in the Protestant world and have learned a lot. We have experiences and knowledge that is very valuable for Catholics. Many Catholics are second, third, forth . . . generation Catholics. Like Americans that have lived here through multiple generations they get "used to" the wonders and riches in the Church. An immigrant coming to America is full of wonder, experiences and gifts to help us Americans who have lost the appreciation.

Like these new immigrants who often make better Americans that us old-timers, converts to the Cathalic Church often make the best Catholics. You are full of enthusiasm. You love the Bible and the Spirit. You know the need for the Spirit but have now learned the need for legitimate authority.

You have experiences and wisdom and knowledge that brings fresh life and joy to the Church. There are now thousands upon thousands of Protestants converting to the Catholic Church — many of them ministers and pastors of from Protestantism. The Church is going through a marvelous reformation and revival, a purification and sanctification.

Brothers and sisters like you (and my family) bring great gifts and confirmation to the Catholics who have been here all along but who may not have known how blessed they are. Cradle Catholics are coming alive and the Church is like a sleeping giant awakening — in part by the influence of people like you who join us. There is MUCH for you to do — much work to be done!

We need you! We want you to join us and help get more and more people to find the fullness of the faith! Plus, for you it will be your greatest joy to discover or re-discover this great pearl. When converts discover this pearl they never look back.


Flying out to Ignatius Press

by Steve Ray on August 2, 2007

ApostolicFathersCoverSm.jpgIt's still hot in my hand – right off the press, well, right out of the DVD burner! The Apostolic Fathers, Handing on the Faith is done and I am on my way to Ignatius Press to show it to them and get their final approval before we make copies for everyone else! Here is what the cover will look like.

I showed this DVD to family and friends last night. They all praised it as our best one yet. My daughter is a philosopher and her husband a theologian. They both said it was great. It is 93 minutes long, very fast-paced, full of information, humor, good music, interesting effects and bloody martyrdoms.

The Study Guide will be finished this week and I expect to have this DVD ready for delivery no later that October 1. I think it is our best documentary yet and my prayer and expectation is that it will make many Catholics confident and excited about the Catholic Church and it will also bring many others home. It will be a great gift for Protestants to help them understand their roots and why it is the Catholic Church that has the continuity all the way back to the Apostles. I am very anxious to get this one out there.

Update 8/4/07: Ignatius Press loved it! It is approved and going to captioning, printing and replication. I just finished writing the Study Guide – 28 pages!! Watch for this one some time in September 2007.