End of Christianity in Iraq

by Steve Ray on July 20, 2007

One of the last places in the world where the language of Jesus is still spoken — Iraq — may soon be devoid of Christians. Their own Iraqi people, are exterminating and chasing them from their homeland. Muslims again show no tolerance for the Christians.

Read this sad article on what is going on in one of the oldest biblical lands. Click here.

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Henry McCormick October 10, 2008 at 10:34 AM

Dear Mr. Ray,

I very much appreciate your interest in Muslim-Christian affairs and Christians in the Middle East. I am also very interested in these areas and am earning a degree in bioethics from Regina Apostolorum in Rome, which I hope to use as a bridge with my Muslim friends.
Right now I am also working with SAT-7, a production/broadcast company for Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. My wife and I are preparing to commit for a three year missionary post with SAT-7. We are currently fundraising to make our move to the Middle East possible.
Is there anyone you could refer us to who might be interested in supporting this endeavor? We would greatly appreciate any advice you could give us. If you are interested and would send us your mailing address or personal email address, we will send you more information about SAT-7 and our plans, along with a letter of endorsement from Cardinal Foley in support of SAT-7.

Thank you very much for your own apostolic zeal and Christian testimony, and count on our prayers for your work.

Yours in Christ,
Henry McCormick

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