S. Korean Supreme Court: Baby not a Baby until Birth

by Steve Ray on July 17, 2007

South Korean Courts: Life Begins at Birth

Ruling a "Social Defeat," Says Bioethicist

SEOUL, South Korea, JULY 16, 2007 (www.Zenit.org).- The South Korean Supreme Court ruled that an unborn child will not be considered human until the mother goes into labor.

This definition came in a court decision late last week that cleared a midwife of negligent homicide charges. For the whole story, click here for the AsiaNews article.

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Henry Siy July 17, 2007 at 11:05 AM

The Western civilization should accept the teaching of the Chinese philosophers. The reason for this is that when a baby is born, the baby is already one year old!

So, when you ask a Chinese for his age, he will ask you Chinese age or non-Chinese age?

It is too bad the Koreans forgot their Chinese heritage.

Henry Siy

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