Second Coming will Arrive July 7, 2007!

by Steve Ray on July 6, 2007

If you believe this I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona! But, here is the very humorous e-mail I received today. Prepare for the Second Coming of YiChen BuddhaChrist! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: The "Second Boy" prophesied in the Bible (Revelation 12:5), YiChen BuddhaChrist, Will Release the Newly Updated "New Millennium Testament on July 7, 2007.

Salt Lake City, UT, (July 6, 2007) Since the beginning of the New Millennium, many people have anticipated the miracle of the "Second Coming". Now that time has come.

However, the "Second Coming" is not a supernatural phenomenon like most people expected, it is the coming of the "Second Boy" prophesied in the Bible's Book of Revelation 12:5 & 19:11. His new name is YiChen BuddhaChrist, for he not only fulfills the Christian prophecy in the Bible, but also the prophecy in Buddhism and other major religions in the world.

In year 2000, when millions of people anticipated the miracle of the "Second Coming" at the beginning of the New Millennium, YiChen BuddhaChrist attained the spiritual enlightenment in Salt Lake City, UT. During the next several years of Revelation & Confirmation Period, the 2,000-year mystery of the prophecies in the Bible' Revelation was unveiled and the complete picture of the Word of God for both the East and the West was revealed, which were compiled into the newly updated New Millennium Testament, the Eternal Gospel for Peace & Wisdom. 

On July 7, 2007, YiChen BuddhaChrist will give a public lecture and news conference on the New Revelation of New Millennium Testament in Salt Lake City Library at 2:00 PM. For more information regarding the New Millennium Testament, please visit the web site at or Media interview will be available after July 7, 2007. More information is available online at

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robert March 8, 2008 at 2:31 AM

Mr. Steve, there is a microchip which will be implanted in the right hand of a person who wants to have that chip that was allegedly known as a beast's mark. That chip was known as verychip and it was already accepted as a currency here in Philippines especially in Makati. Fundamentalists believe that this chip is the mark of the beast that was prophesied in book of revelation. what is the standing of the Church regarding this chip? is it safe to have it for economic purposes? or is it the mark? i need your reply a.s.a.p. thank you very much. God bless you.

STEVE RAY HERE: I don't know of any position of the Church on such a matter. We use chips every day in our computers, cameras, credit cards, and more things every day. I have no opinion on this matter since I don't know all the details. Computer chips are not immoral in and of themselves. How they are used can be moral or immoral. Like a hammer — it can build a house or smash a skull. It is all in how it is used. 

robert March 12, 2008 at 8:44 AM

Mr. Steve, thank you for your immediate reply. because i came from born again family it brings confusion in my mind if it is safe to accept that chip. please bear with me, please find search for what is the position of the Church regarding on this matter.thanks.

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