Light at the End of the Edit Bay

by Steve Ray on June 14, 2007

We have two more days of work on this trip. We have gotten a lot done — we've put the rough cut together. We've chosen all the art, created the maps, inserted background and travel footage  and started reviewing the music. We got the last catchup shots and filmed "Behind the Scenes" in the set that Joe Reynolds built. We finished the voice-overs, ate a lot of salads and drank bubbly water and are very pleased with our progress.

During the free moments I've had here in Phoenix, I wrote an article entitled "The Miracle That Didn't Happen? What About Those Loaves and Fishes?" During Mass in Mesa Arizona last week, a priest said that there was no miracle with the multiplication of loaves. Greedy people simply lifted their robes and pulled out hiddne bread and fish after Jesus taught them to share.

This stupidity always infuriates me so I wrote what I think could be the difinitive response to such nonsense and I sent it to Catholic Answers for publication in THIS ROCK Magazine. Now people will be able to rebutt "hip homilists" and defend the gospels.

 It is 110 degrees here today and us poor Michiganders just aren't used to standing in a fire. More soon.

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