Two Women in the News

by Steve Ray on June 12, 2007

1) After a day in jail, Paris Hilton says she has found God — she is now spiritual and won't act dumb any more. Hum. I hope so, but . . . hum.   For Karl Keating's witty comments on Hilton, click here.

2) I also want to go on record predicting that Hillary Clinton will be our next president and Bill Clinton will be our next "first lady." I didn't say I liked it, just that I predict this misfortune will actually befall us. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm betting I'm right.

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Tony McNosky June 15, 2007 at 10:04 AM

I was shocked that you made such a prediction on the presidential election which is a year and a half away. Thats not good, you have a great influence on many people of which I happen to be one. When I read your prediction my heart sunk. I refuse to believe that the American people would do such a thing to this nation. If your prediction does comes true it will prove that we are not the people we once were,
a people willing to stand for peace and freedom in the world. It will prove that we have become, as so many have said, a weak people only interested in our own instant gratification unwilling to stand for what is right, unwilling to suffer and sacriffice or be inconvienced in any way. Do we as a people have any ideals anymore? Or have we become so influenced by secular sinfulness, that we are willing to give this nation up to those who would call good evil and evil good. This is going to be the biggest election in our history. Our courts hang in the ballance on this election. Strides have been made under President Bush to bring the courts back to some sence of sanity…… that will all be lost under a Hillary presidency. There are many more things that could be mentioned, but it would take pages to do so. I incourage you Steve to not dwell on this prediction any longer……. but to encourage the people that listen to you to vote with a well formed Catholic concience and to also tell them who you are backing and why. God bless America,

Tony McNosky

Steve Ray June 15, 2007 at 12:47 PM


When I look out at the candidates and the state of the American attitude, I do think that Hillary could win. I hope that my prediction will inspire good people to rise up and fight and make my prediction wrong. My prediction is in some way a call to arms to resist.
With the current list of front runners in the Republican race there are few that hold our values–traditional American values. They are all pro-abortion. They are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. If one of these becomes our candidate he will not inspire the religious right that has been so influencial in past votes. The religious right could lose interest and not vote at all.
In that case, Hillary as the probable Democratic candidate, could have an advantage. More and more people are depending on government for their entitlements and support so more people are voting Democrat. Plus, there is a general unease about Iraq even among conservatives.
Put that together with the pattern of two term presidents being replaced by the opposite party and it is not a pretty scenario.
So, don’t be angry at me for being honest about what I think could be a probablity, rather, rise up with me and let’s try to prove my prediction wrong. My prediction is, after all, an attempt to wake people up now, so we don’t wake up in 18 months and find Hillary smiling at us again from the White House.

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