Letter to a Church of Christ Minister

by Steve Ray on June 3, 2007

Why did Farrell convert to the Catholic Church? He explains it in this letter to a "Church of Christ" minister. Read the letter here.

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Michael V. Baxter June 25, 2007 at 3:49 PM

Mr. Ray:

This letter from an ex-COC minister is very intriguing as I attended COC seminary in 01-03 until being asked to leave. Even though the COC claims to possess the “truth” I found that if their “truth” was not logically consistent it didn’t matter. COC doctrine was to be accepted and never questioned, a far cry from the basis of the restoration movement.

Deep in my heart I have always been drawn to the Catholic teaching, for it possesses a consistency in exegesis and hermeneutic that the Protestants severely lack.

I understand well the argument of the canon and that tradition has asserted such as scripture. I also understand that correct exegesis of scripture must be consistent with the early church’s interpretation because their understanding of scripture is what lead them to include or exclude writings from the canon.

But what prevents me from conversion is how the present-day Catholic teaching and practice does not match that of the NT and/or the early church’s. (Even the Council of Nicea did not “set in stone” the NT canon but historically developed as a process.) Even within Nicea there already existed departures from the early church father’s teachings. We know clearly that the church was built upon Jesus, the prophets and the apostles, but this does not necessarily conclude that Peter is a Pope for even Paul had to confront Peter’s failings.

This is just an example of the logical jumps that I find inconsistent and really need help with. I would love to meet with someone who can help me with these things. If you know of someone, please let me know. Thanks.

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