Friday, April 27, 2007

Fighting Every Obstacle in Rome

by Steve Ray on April 27, 2007

Fighting police and ambulance sirens, gawking tourists, packed streets, whining moter scooters, police wanting permits and multiple other obstacles, we still got a lot of good work done today. Even two medical emergencies back home weighed on our minds but did not stop us. Our crew is spectacular.

Only scenes inside the Roman Colosseum remain to be shot on Saturday. They demanded $6,000 an hour for permits so we are slipping in as tourists to see what we can do clandestinly with a mini-DV cam.

Finished San Clemente, catacombs, Via Appia Antica, exterior of Colosseum shots and more. Great shots of me getting arrested by Roman centurions!

Janet is holding up well but we are all exhausted and weary – but still exhilarated and excited about this Apostolic Fathers installment of our Footprints of God series! It will be for sale in September.

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