Exclusive! Logos Catholic Bible Study Software

by Steve Ray on March 9, 2007

We have the exclusive rights to sell Logos' new CATHOLIC BIBLE STUDY SOFTWARE. You can only buy it at Steve's website www.BibleTheology.com. 

Steve worked with Logos to remove much of the less useful Protestant material and to add helpful new Catholic material. For example, we now have the Catholic New American Bible and the Revised Standard Version-Catholic edition.

We are also excited to have the 38-volume Early Church Fathers-Catholic edition and the Oxford University Dictionary of the Christian Church along with Peter Williamson's Vatican published Catholic Interpretation of Scripture.

Logos is the Cadillac of Bible Study Software. It is powerful, fast and easy-to-use. It's Greek and Hebrew language tools are unprecedented allowing anyone to access the original languages with the click of a mouse button.

You can see and purchase this exclusive new product at Steve's Bible and Theology website by visiting www.BibleTheology.com.

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Gail-Golden March 21, 2009 at 1:11 PM

I’ve been trying to access the site to get a look at the logos catholic bible study software but there is a problem getting to your site.

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