Titanic Mistake — by Deal Hudson

by Steve Ray on March 3, 2007

With the Discovery Channel's tragic show on Sunday, it is good for Christians to arm themselves with the truth — reality and archaeology — not nonsense and amateurism.

Deal Hudson's article Titanic Mistake is worth reading, printing, and giving to others who will be effected by this unfortunate "documentary."

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Charles S. Hollander (Chuck) December 28, 2007 at 12:22 PM

The Discovery Channel is only one of millions of anti God-anti Christian-anti Catholic-pro satan voices screaming loud and clear within our current (culture of death). When I present the fact that there were 1.3 million deaths last year, the highest cause of death in our great country, the USA, was the result of ABORTION—to an Agnostic, their reply usually is, “Well, my definition of what a viable person is does not agree with yours.” In other words, the Agnostic denies an embrio is a person thereby attempting to diminish the 1.3 million abortion murder figure to a less startling number. Again, trying to dillute our belief that LIFE begins at conception.

Recently, I had a dream. In that dream I was an invisable witness to a young couple in the act of procreation. They did not know I was witnessing their actions, and I must assert that SEXUALITY was not even an issue in my dream, NOT AT ALL!!!. I didn’t know why I was witnessing this sexual act at the time it was occuring, nevertheless, at the moment of CONCEPTION, my heart jumped. I was witness to a the creation of a person–a living Soul. I became filled with an immeasurable degree of happiness that only our Lord Jesus, the Christ could create. I awoke with an inner-deep feeling of boundless JOY. I was a witness to God’s power of CREATION. I will never forget this dream and its deep theological significance. Yes!, what ever number of abortions were embrios in that 1.3 million murders last year, were, in fact, living Souls created by God and not to be discarted as (nothings).

I had an after thought pertaining to the Agnostic reply to the 1.3 million abortion deaths-(pertaining to when LIFE begins)- as an admission that that individual had some limitations—doubts and perhaps some missgivings, if you will, about the morality of abortion. This Agnostic I am referencing is someone very close to me. She is NOT the typical hard line militant Athiest who would be in accord with any number of ABORTIONS performed at any point of a baby’s development, but a sensitive person who sees some degree of evil in abortion. I did refer to her as an Agnostic not a hard line Athiest. I believe this person will be drawn into the TRUTH that our faith espouses—that LIFE begins at CONCEPTION not at birth. Praise God !!

Thank you for this opportunity for my comment.

In Christ or Lord,

Chuck Hollander

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