Approached by a Baptist in a Bookstore

by Steve Ray on February 5, 2007

Baptist in a Bookstore

I was walking among the isles of books minding my own business. Around the corner I noticed someone approaching me. I looked up from the books and saw the Baptist. We had met before. He jumped right in — looking for a fight.

Bookstore.jpgWe had met several months after my conversion to the Catholic Church. His name was Jerry and he called me on the phone. "I am curious why you became a Catholic," he said, "I used to be a Catholic and would love to find out why you left the Baptist church to become a Catholic."

I was more than happy to meet with Jerry. We had him over for dinner. The evening started out slowly but Jerry became increasingly shrill as he found out I knew my Bible and had made this decision for well thought out reasons. He had come under false pretense–saying he wanted to find out why I converted, but he really intended to trip me up. He did this all the time. He hated the Catholic Church and made a ministry out of confronting Catholics. That was fine with me, but I did not appreciate his underhanded way of approaching me.

He fared very poorly that evening and I wrote him a letter to summarize the discussion. He fared poorly the next time he visited too, even though he brought a Baptist minister with him.

We had other meetings and conversations. I wrote him a series of fifteen letters, many of which his wife refused to accept from the mail man (You can read the other letters

I understand why she sent the letters back. She was very threatened by the whole extended debate. Jerry finally backed out and quit the discussions. He was embarrassed by his inbility to answer my questions. I sent copies of the letters to all his Catholic family members he had assaulted for the last 20 years.

You can read my letter "Baptist in a Bookstore," here, and I haven't heard from Jerry for some time, but his family assures me he is much quieter now. He knows that if he attacks me, or them again, we will have more conversations and I don't think his wife would approve.

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