Family Trends

by Steve Ray on January 23, 2007

Family Trends
Pressures on Married Life Continue to Grow, by Father John Flynn

ROME, JAN. 22, 2007 ( Recent data reveals that marriage and family life are under pressure in various countries. In the United States 51% of women reported in 2005 that they live without a spouse, according to the New York Times on Jan. 16. The figure is up from 49% five years earlier.

The percentage of women living with a spouse varies according to race. Citing Census Bureau data, the article said that only 30% of black women reported living with a spouse, as opposed to 60% of Asian women. In the middle of the spectrum were Hispanic women, 49%, and non-Hispanic white women, 55%. . . .

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This is great evidence that the Church and her teachings are correct. Every time we try to go our own way as a society it will mess us up. God is the creator and gave us the Instruction Manual for how humans are to live. When we stray from his laws it destroys us and our society. This is great material for evangelism and to instruct poor souls in the way of righteousness.

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