Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Friend’s New Music CD

by Steve Ray on January 10, 2007

Kassel2.jpgA good Catholic friend of mine — one who fights the fight and lives the life — wrote and sings most of the songs on this new CD. You can enjoy some of the selections and get a feel for the music by clicking here.









The promo says, "Stylistically, the music is all over the map — from “folk,” to “calypso,” to “country-rock,” to “Motown,” to you-name-it. Every work included is original, with words and music by journalist/novelist/Christian entertainer Bill Kassel (except “For All the Saints,” an Anglican classic that has earned a secure place in Protestant and Catholic hymnals alike, and is rendered here in an original adaptation).

"Lyrically, the songs tend not to take themselves too seriously, though there are some more reflective pieces to leaven the loaf. They deal with the experience of faith, with the human condition, with our relationships to God and to each other, with the things we seek, and the things we deny. In short, with life, the way it is."

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