Ready to Cross the Tiber

by Steve Ray on November 26, 2006

Just received this e-mail today:

"I got Crossing the Tiber in the mail today and could not put it down. For so many years I was fed anti-catholic material that bred only fear and predjudice in me. Growing up in the Seventh-day Adventist church was a struggle in trying to understand how to love others in "babylon."  But praise God for the book of Galatians and another Praise God for the Catholic Church.

CrossingTheTiber1.jpg"I never thought Christianity could be so mysterious, spiritual, fun and at the same time full of such rich history and wonderful writings. It was when I started to study the church for myself that I saw I had been lied to all my life about what Catholics believe.

"People need to stop protesting a church that God ordained, most of them as I once was are as zealous as Saul the Pharisee was, and I have come to love the church and be free from the fear that kept me from it. I'm going to follow the call and even enter the priesthood some day!

"Jason Anderson, Chattanooga, TN

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