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by Steve Ray on November 17, 2006

A friend sent me this list of sites where you can get free — and some almost free — Catholic materials. Enjoy!

Excellent Catholic Musician: Karl Kohlhase, also a convert, his conversion story is on  All of his music is free, and can be downloaded at

Talks from Franciscan University Adult Conferences at   Talks and music from Franciscan University Youth Conferences (aka "Steubenville Retreats") at

The Mary Foundation gives away their CDs, they just ask for a donation to cover shipping and copying expenses, at

Not completely free, but darn close, has a great 10-CD teaching on the Theology of the Body by Christopher West for $3.90, based on Pope John Paul II's teachings.  Great CD set, beautifully explained.  There's also a book by West as well.  Book available at 

Good site for tracts and free music downloads at

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